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Sandra Hazen Alexander reviewed Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital — 5 star

I love them, they saved my 12 yr old dachshund Blueberry when another vet said she would die!! Then just yesterday I had to have her seen for back issue. They got me in, treated her and she’s back home improving…they even called today to see how she was!! I will absolutely make the hour and a half drive. Plus they have top notch grooming. We love everything about this clinic!!

Katherine Hamby reviewed Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital — 5 star

From the receptionist to the veterinarians themselves…the entire staff is fantastic! The first time I brought my dog here over a year ago, she had to go under anesthesia and was required to stay for a few hours which at first made me so nervous since I wouldn’t be there! But after getting her checked in and talking with the assistant and tech, I felt 100% confident leaving her there under their watch. I just know they will take care of her and show her love whether she’s getting her nails trimmed or getting shots. I know they care about how my dog feels emotionally as well physically and that’s exactly why I will only go to Glenwood Falls! Great facility, and such wonderful people!

Toby Anderson reviewed Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital — 5 star

We’ve lived in Cypress for over 35 years and have always taken our dogs to another vet (considerable farther drive). Based on our daughter’s recommendation, I decided to give Glenwood Falls a try for our new Vizsla puppy’s 2nd round of puppy shots. Boy, I am glad I did…super knowledgeable and friendly staff. Dr. Torrance answered all my questions and gave our Vizsla an exam that would match any exam I’ve ever had and I think we’ve found a new vet…and it’s only blocks from home! Gig ’em Aggies!!!

Angela Hartman reviewed Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital — 5 star

I love the staff! I find them to be helpful, friendly, and informative. They are great! I find them to be reasonable on their prices too.

Laurie Thompson Blackerby reviewed Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital— 5 star

I’ve been going here for 17 years since I first moved to Cypress … many new vet offices have opened much closer to my house … but I love these doctors and their staff too much to change! They have loved and taken care of 4 of our dogs who are now in doggie heaven and are now loving our two black labs!

 Dione Marshall Pevehouse reviewed Glenwood Falls Animal Hospital— 5 star

Some of the best vets and staff around, from new pet exams to end of life care, they provide the most caring and compassionate services. I can’t say enough good things.